Friday, 14 July 2017

Brooklyn trip to the pumphouse

On Monday Reading support went on a trip to the pumphouse. When I got up I went to bush my teeth and wash my face then I got chaned into my unifrom.Then I went to do my hair and then get my lunch and we went off to school.When I got to school my friend Quincess said are you going to the trip and I said yes Then when the frist bell went me and my friends went in class and played with the cards then the second bell went then we had to read our books becuase it was SSR time.After we finished SSR then we went to our literacy classes then we did a little bit of some work. We did not do much work because it was nearly 11:30 then when it was 10:30 Reading Support went to read then we came back and we did the ran. After we did the ran we came back for morning tea time. Then after morning tea time the bell went then we had to go to the hall then we had to get out of the hall. Then we had to set in the breeze and then Mrs Clark had to do the roll so she knows that we are all here at school on Monday.We all walked down to the bus and then Mrs Clark went down to the bus but in font of the bus so she can count how much kids are going on the trip. When we got on the bus me and my fiends ran to the back so we could set there.when we got there we had to say thank you to the bus driver after we finished coming off the bus then we walked past the rubbish bin it smelt yuck then we had to all line up then we had to walk past the birds. When we went past the birds and then this boy we who fell and his name was Ash then we all started to laugh at him after we went to have lunch when we had lunch he was crying after we finished eating we had to line up to go to watch the show we took our school bags with us we had to put our bags down then we lined up to go in and watch. When we got at the door the lade was counting us after I went passed her I walked up the stairs and tuned right and sat down next to my firends. Then the show started it was funny because the big man was screaming like a girl. After the show finished we had to all stand up and dance with them. Then the show finished took heaps of photos after we took the photos we lined up to hop on the bus so my firend and I was runing to the front so we could to set at the back then we all were seting down so my tudor was giving out some pirates things when I got mine I opened it and put it on me. And then we went pass the skycity. We were nearly at school. Then we got to school and school was nealy finish then I was runing to class and then my firend Sonna said how was your day and I said yes then the bell ring the we had to claen up after we claened up Mrs Buchanan said to come on the mat then she ssaid we all could go home.




  1. Hi Brooklyn,

    Wow, what a detailed story! I hope that you had a great time at the Pumphouse. I try to get there once a year with my family to see a show. It's one of my favourite little theatres in Auckland.

    Keep up the blogging this holiday, Brooklyn. It's great to see you online!

    Rachel (from the Winter Learning Journey programme)